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Ep 11, S2 Callan Morgan (Artist & Pelican Studios Founder)

Callan Morgan is a large-scale artist and founder of Pelican Studios which brings together artists, designers and technical experts to co-create innovative projects that blend art and technology to benefit the community and environment. In this Creative Connectors episode, Callan shares his journey from circus performance and graffiti art to Burning Man and the pivotal people and moments that helped shape his future in large-scale sculpture art. We discuss the importance of resilience, how creativity at its core is problem solving and the benefits of having the fundamentals in place when it comes to making art your livelihood. Hear about Make Mob and its unique model to help creatives collaborate to get big art off the ground, UKI - the mutant vehicle bee and Mirror - the futuristic solar-powered flower that Callan is planning to have showcased around the world. 

If you're interested in to art, collaboration and innovation sit back and enjoy the chat.

Sit back and enjoy the chat.

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Website: https://pelicanstudios.com.au

Instagram: @callan_morgan

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