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Ep 3, S2 - Max Stettner (Dragon Dreaming & R.E.G.E.N Festival Director)

Max Stettner is one of the Directors and Event Manager of Dragon Dreaming & R.E.G.E.N Festival which is held in NSW, Australia. In this episode, Max provides insight into his journey from punk bands to electronic music and how tree planting has formed such an integral part of his life and the festivals he's been a part of. We delve into the individuals and influences that led Max to create conscious spaces to party, the misconception of what it costs to put on a sustainable festival, the process for finding a festival site and the importance of engaging the community.

Learn more about what to expect from the 2022 edition of Dragon Dreaming & Regen festival, the music production that's had Max in a flow state during lockdown and the elements of his job that he truly loves.
Sit back and enjoy the chat!

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