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Ep 30 - Arula (Musician and Sound Healer)

Arula Chelsea Kirby is a Musician, movement teacher and sound healer from the US. Arula takes us on the journey of how societal norms took her away from the arts, and a breakdown threw her back into reviewing her joy for expression. In this episode, Arula talks to festivals as an expression of freedom and places of experimentation as well as healing. We cover topics that include imposter syndrome, shadow work, patience, perseverance whilst also discussing festivals are mirrors and the experience of being a woman in the music industry.

Arula not only talks about her personal journey within music production and the genre of dark sensual music, but her response to what's happening in the world with music, whilst also delving into her gifts and offerings within sound healing and talking to the power of music for humans.

Sit back and enjoy the musical chat.




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