the creative connectors podcast

Ep 5, S2 - Lincoln Savage (Yonder Festival Director)

Lincoln Savage is the Director of Yonder Festival and Brisbane Street Art Festival in Queensland, Australia. In this episode, Lincoln shares his love for creating safe, warm experiences that transport you to a new dimension whilst explaining how the DIY nature of raves and parties inspired him to work in events. Gain insight into his journey with festivals, the challenges in event planning along with the proud moments and memories that mean so much. He shares his passion for curation and change and explains why fresh blood and competition can only benefit the music industry. We're chatting about Vast Yonder the agency supporting all his creative projects and his new multi-purpose venue which he's cracking on with amidst COVID. Expect insights in to the Brisbane art and music scene and what to expect from all things Yonder and Australia's largest street art festival.

Sit back and enjoy the chat!

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