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Ep 6, S2 Jacob McMillan (Sprout and Rootbound Festival Director)

Jacob McMillan is one of the Directors of Sprout and Rootbound Festival in Australia. In this episode we're talking all things green and eco given that's at the core of Sprout and Rootbound which are two festivals which have combined to have an even greater positive impact on the planet.

We discuss the influences that spurred Jacob to go all in on his dreams and create a festival with enviro practices at the heart. How topics including consent, politics and environmental issues can and should be brought front and centre within the festival environment. Where the name festival name sprouted from and Jacob's academic moves into research that explore festivals as a platform for positive behaviour change. 

Fundamentally festivals can and do help make the world a better place by impacting us as individuals and we're chatting about this and how they can also positively impact the planet which Jacob and his team have championed.

Sit back and enjoy the chat.

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