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DMT Matrix Hexa | VJ Loops Pack Vol.01 | 1080p | DXV | MOV | (12 in 1)


Format: .mov / dxv
12 VJ Loops 1920x1080 .mov
12 VJ Loops 1920x1080 Codec dxv
Frame Rate: 30 frames per second (fps)
Creation Software: make with Resolume source
Video sample: youtu.be/ZCMPxm4PV9M

This clips offer an immersive and captivating visual experience, perfect for enhancing your artistic performances. Each clip is expertly crafted with creativity, combining vibrant colors, geometric patterns, and fluid animations. The aesthetic evokes the essence of an altered reality, providing visuals that seem to emanate from a moving matrix.

These clips are available for download in .mov format, offering a resolution of 1920x1080 pixels and a frame rate of 30 frames per second, ensuring exceptional visual quality for all your performances. Additionally, the clips are designed to play back more slowly, allowing for better control of playback speed and synchronization with your live sets.

Created with VJing software Resolume, they are perfectly suited to be integrated into your live sets, adding a dynamic and immersive visual dimension to your artistic work.

VJ DMT Matrix Hexa Pack vol.01 clips are an essential tool for VJing professionals seeking new visual elements for their performances, as well as artists looking to explore new creative dimensions. Download these clips now and dive into an extraordinary visual experience. Plus, there are 12 full HD clips available for download..

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