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Welcome Thread - v0

Hey there! Welcome to VJ UNION!


Leave a comment below to introduce yourself to the community!✌️

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Myk Eff

Hello All, thanks for the invitation to join this group Grigori. I'm co-founder and CTO of Optophonia (optophonia.com) we're developing a real-time motion graphics tool based on Unreal Engine with integrations for NFTs and the Metaverse.

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Motus Lumina

Hello everyone! I am Huseyin Kuru, creative director of Motus Lumina collective. motuslumina.com

We are an Istanbul-based design studio working on audiovisual programming, real-time computer graphics, and interactive audiovisual experiences.

Also, I am the instructor of AV Programming Vuo / Vdmx / Ableton Live Workshop

Thank you very much for the invitation!

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Welcome @@motus_lumina :)

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Luis castilleja

Hey everyone! My name is Luis Gabriel Castilleja and I am an animator and VJ living in Austin Texas… just found out about this group from one of my mentors and thought I’d introduce myself.

My stage name is Pseudo Corpse and I’ve known how to VJ for some time now, going on 6 years (started in grand VJ) but as far as doing it for a living it has only been 8 months, started after I graduated college. I’m a house guy at a venue here in town and it’s been pretty cool so far, to say the least. My commissions are open for touring visuals and currently seeking Touring VJ opportunities I love to learn and eager to try new things, it’s an honor to be standing on the shoulders of you guys. I’ll be here for the long haul 🤘🏼💪🏼

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Hello there ! I'm Bruno Natspir doing visual for almost 10 years, I'm working for movie production as pipeline developer and also developping custom plugins and tools for VJays in my spare time. You can find them on the website VFXArtshop.com
Thanks for running this social network, it looks very good ! <3

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Hi everyone

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@lecollagiste living legend right here :) .. warm welcome to you!!

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Humbly thank you

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Ivo Schindler • Edited on

hello internet
nice to have tuned in here... finally... wasn't so active the last 8 years in vjing and stuff. mostly retired haha...
shout out to grigori...
btw: videopong.net is still alive, despite only written a bunch of lines of code the last years..

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Santiago Trejo

I'm looking to collaborate, I make music and dabble with visuals. Hoping to find some creative minds that are more versed in audio reactive visuals than I, i can provide raw midi files if needed, i have used touch designer for stuff like that but honestly i spend most of my time doing music. I wish i could create visuals as detailed as my sounds though, that would be the goal. 🌀

Here is a sample of my make.

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Andrea Ivaldi

Hi I'm Andrea and I live in Europe, as a boy I studied electronics, photography and graphics, then visual communication at university, I started working for television and commercial and documentary photography, I started an artistic activity with exhibitions, installations and performances and I met the video-art of the past, then I had a breakthrough in computer science, I loved music and sometimes I was a DJ, I put it all together and now I project images during shows, right now I'm employed in the theatre.

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Hello every1

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[email protected]

Whoop whoop !

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Dr. Rek

Hello! I'm Dr. Rek, a visual and musical artist, as well as video post production professional. I used to VJ a lot with video clips in the 00s with software, but these days I'm all about hardware video synthesis to do visuals. Check out my linktree for some AV mixes and more: linktr.ee/Dr_Rek PS I found this site thanks to @andrei_jay posting on scanlines.xyz

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Warm welcome .. x

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Michelle Van Mil

Hi from the Netherlands :)

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I'm here! Looks good on the phone.

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Maya Stoffijn

Hello everyone! I am Maya, a 3D and technical artist from Belgium :) I also do VJing, create weird visuals, love to merge different technologies, explore the effect of audio on visuals and vice versa, and work mostly with Unreal Engine an Houdini.

Thank you so much for the invitation! Super cool to see all of these amazing people doing amazing stuff

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Øystein Furre

Hello people. I am poetic common man who feels excited when visuals appears in new artistic ways in response to my voice and other sounds.

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Elon Rosen


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Sinarisama JaySon • Edited on

Hello from Japan.
good to see you all VJ people.


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I paint with light and shadow,
24 frames per second, each a work of art in itself
I'm a light- & video-artist

Hello vjunion friends
I'm Benno aka bennoH.

I live in Eirope at Switzerland in Glarus a mountain region.

In 2001 I presented videoprojections for the first time in a music-club in Zurich. The Club-Q became a legend well beyond national borders. He replaced the tecnolegend club Oxa and Tarot as the #1 in-club in 2001.

At that time I was still using hardware video mixers (Panasonic WJMX-50), mini-DV cams and VHS recorders, like Quicktime loops filmed directly from the tube monitor. Now actual I work with Resolume software as a central interface for light and video installations or as a video artist (VJ).

There are of course many other tools that I use. Now, after 35 years in the video & broadcastbusines, I have been working in graphics and video for long time and know Photoshop or today I prefer Gimp etc. such as Final Cut pro or NukeX such as DaVinciResolv.

As a former editor or video editor to broadcast producer in regional TVs, I know quite a bit about technology and software, and I used this knowledge as early as 2001 when I took my first steps as a VJ.

Today I am more concerned with project-oriented work in the art environment. From time to time I still perform as a video artist at events.

Yes, I can say that I experienced a little time travel through the video world. From analog B/W tube TV as a child to digital streaming like Youtube via mobile.

bennoH. 2023-06-09

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Ben Halpern

This is great!

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Gilad Levi Author

Its an honor to have you here, Thank you for joining us ❤️

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Hello all - happy to be here! Video artist and musician among other obsessions :)

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andrei jay

hello i'm andrei jay, gigori just hit me up about checking out this space and thus i did!

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R L VJ Psyruz

Hi, I'm Vj Psyruz, I've been a vj for 15 years, my environment is psychedelic trance and I've participated with many of the best exponents of the genre, and I would like to contribute if I can collaborate with any knowledge, I also love experimenting with new technologies and new ways of doing vj and mapping scenarios

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Hi All - my name is Brian and I love making visual for VJs. Actually I just love making visuals, if you use them for your VJ sets then that just pure gravy. I used to VJ, but the late nights and environments started to get to me, so now I'm just happing sitting in front of my system creating. I make something weekly and want I feel like making changes all the time, so you'll likely not see any sets from me (with the exception of bundling my weekly renders into seasons), but you should see some different in my work every time you work!

I also do custom work / commissions, so let me know what you are interested

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Bill Newbold

I am a psychic artist making prophetic videos. I used to sit in a 12 step meeting with a sketch pad and draw peoples faces after a few minutes I would have a recognizable image of a face then that person would walk into the meeting I never knew who they were or that they were going to be walking in the meeting but they would be the face I had created... Psychic art by a psychic artist. In 2005 I would watch my computer graphics and psychically draw out of the random changes in the visuals what was going to happen in the future.. today my video visuals are able to do the same thing... it's much more obvious for me these days.. the prediction of the future.. You can see this happening as well and interpret my videos for a future experience in your life. You just have to pay attention to the details and connect them to ideas or images you recognize and then see and know what will happen for you too.

I have been asked to do the VJ gigs but I stay at home and upload videos. My live performance is broadcast to YouTube and twitch. The link section here is a great collection of programs.
I use Max/MSP and quartz composer milk drop or beatdrop my YouTube library is Big.

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Hey All!
im a Nerd since 1984!
experiment with modular audio and repsonsive visuals in whatever code catches my eye. an early pioneer of CGI and VFX. touchdesigner, VCV rack, analogue wetplate photography. worked on visuals for the Rolling Stones, Bjork, Metallia etc.

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Adem Jaffers (vjMandala) • Edited on

Greetings yawl. Thanks for invite VDMO. Nice to be here :)

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Chris Devious

Yes I know everything you've been waiting for. I am here. ;)

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Robert D Jordan

Hey hey 🖐, Im Rob, I make weird video gear and sometimes talk about old video gear here:

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Valadi K Jaganathan

awesome just joined this group and added my first post

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Jesse b

Thanks for the invite Gregori! Long time Resolume VJ, graphic designer, interested in projection mapping installation and AI video. Cheers!