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Good Listeners Ep 7 - Interviews w/ VJ Kobra & Chef Boyarbeatz + The Gang Catches Up On November

On Episode 007 of Good Listeners, the gang is thrilled to welcome not one, but two very special guests to the show! [26:35] First, we are so excited to have our first VJ on the podcast: VJ Kobra. VJ Kobra is the current visual artist and VJ for Wakaan artist Shlump. In the episode, she gives us a behind-the-scenes look into the VJing world, including what gear and software she uses, who some of her favorite visual artists are, and how the pandemic accelerated her career. [1:13:08] Next, we are thrilled to welcome one of the most refreshing acts in bass music: Chef Boyarbeatz. Chef B has taken the scene by storm in 2022 with his live performances and incredible tunes. In the episode, he gives us some insights into the LA bass scene, how he first got introduced to Deep, Dark & Dangerous (eventually leading to a huge EP this year), as well as what’s next for the talented producer’s project. Huge shoutout to Dan and Meg for holding it down on both interviews and delivering some very insightful conversations! The gang also catches up for the first time in a while, recapping some epic shows that have taken place recently and diving into the latest drama surrounding mosh pits at shows. This is the first time Good Listeners is bringing you two interviews in one episode, so sit back, relax, and enjoy the conversations! Thank you, as always, for being a Good Listener, and be sure to check us out on Instagram and Twitter!

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