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360° Live Streamed and Rendered 3D scenes

Sequenced 360 outputs that process Lumen, Raytracing, particles, emissives, seamless Bloom and other effects all rendered in a fraction of the time in Movie Render Queue or live-streamed with a Render Target. [Unreal Engine]

I’ve been spending the past two months researching the best ways to render 360 scenes for Equirectangular, Domemaster and Cubemap output.

Here I’ve made a playlist compiling everything I learnt with a load of tips for optimising 3D scenes so as not to lose any creative freedom when making renders in 360.

This is all made with the Off World Live Live-streaming toolkit for Unreal Engine. With this plugin you can live stream or render your 360 scenes at a fraction of the time of other renderers - all features enabled.
[LINK] https://youtu.be/PyuPZcG_pLY

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this is so wonderful

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HardcoreRick Author

Thanks and thanks for letting us share it!