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MANIFEST:IO - Feb 24-25 in Berlin

MANIFEST:IO returns for its second edition! The symposium for new media and electronic art in Berlin, we host works at the intersection of art and technology. Immerse yourself in new media works, audiovisual performances, or join us for our afternoon talk series with artists, researchers and studios paving the way for the ways in which we think of new media and electronic art today.
We feature talks and works that explore identity, migration and diaspora, and as well as how tools like AI and VR can be meaningfully utilized.

We believe in creating safer spaces. We are an independent event driven by dedicated artists and curators. We are not state funded. All ticketing fees go towards the event.

Tickets available here:

See our linktree for the schedule and info on our TouchDesigner + Bitwig workshop with Stanislav Glasov and our ambisonic soundscape masterclass with Spatial Media Lab.


Instagram: @manifest.io.berlin

Poster for MANIFEST:IO 2024

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👏Great info, thx by bennoH.🐼

By the way: this address appears to be insecure, it apparently lacks the https (s) capability, isn't that a bit embarrassing for such digi & media gurus?!

Thats a secure Viewout:

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