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SLICE REFINER 2.0 is now available with cool new features!

Merge Mode – It is now possible to merge Slices to create new looks!
Effects Panel – The Plugin contains built in Visual Slice Effects.
Effects can be colorized using two user defined colors.
Rough & Smooth modes are also selectable.
New Stroke looks – Dual Edge and Color Cycles effects can be combined with all other effects.
Frame Bounce – Add some craziness to the slice’s edges by using a speed slider or by the composition’s BPM.

SLICE REFINER is now being handled by the Juicebar Team.
Although this is a major update, I have decided to give it for FREE! to previous owners.
An email with a special redeem link has been sent to previous owners to the same email address used to purchase the addon.
For more information: kpthippo.com

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