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Arkestra for macOS (free)

I'm very excited to announce that VFX Live has been updated and renamed to Arkestra. With this name change comes some big changes.

Check it out here: www.arkestra.app

No time limit for the Free Version.
Feel free to explore Arkestra for as long as you desire. Syphon in/out and external screens functionality is exclusive to the licensed version.

Improved performance with 3x.
The rendering engine has been significantly optimized for efficiency. Larger projects will noticeably benefit from this improvement, resulting in reduced CPU load.

Dedicated feedback loops
Each track features a feedback knob for reaction diffusion effects and a sampling toggle to sample textures from previous tracks. Two new example projects showcase these features.

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🚀 New website – www.arkestra.app 🚀
Check it out to learn more of the state of Arkestra.

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Tam Tam Tam .. Tam Tam Tam.. tam ram tam ram Tam Tam Tam Tam 🤣

Great release @itzaks

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This is awesome!