Discussion on: Complex Generative Control Signals using Virtual Control Voltage Circuits in VCV

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Mr J

Hi John Smith, if that's even your real name :)

Oh the MX-50, can't beat that beast for live mixing, unfortunately mine stopped working a couple of years ago. I know what you mean about not having enough hands. In the mid-90's there was a winamp plugin you could use to A/B cut the MX-50 via it's RS232 port (external mic > 98se PC > winamp plugin > RS232 > MX50 > A/B cut), providing a free hand to swap video tapes.

And about 10 years ago i saw some video guys in Brooklyn feeding their MX-50 audio input with various waveforms, triggering their visuals

I VJ using Isadora (from Troikatronix), with a 64 knob Doepfer midi controller, adjusting various waveforms and clocks as triggers, plus some frequency analysis and recently some bpm detection

For ages i've been thinking about incorporating (physical) modular synths and your posting has now opened my eyes, so thanks for introducing me to VCV, which i've just downloaded and started to play with tonight.

I've got some questions for you about your examples above, can we talk direct?

Cheers, Mr J