My Art is Real

Ep 16: Andrew (Thinkspace)

Andrew Hosner is currently the head curator and co-owner of the Thinkspace art gallery. Growing up he had no idea he would ever be a curator much less change the lives of those he works with and meets through his projects. Join Jacob as we hear Andrew's story and the natural progression he took from a young kid in Michigan to who he is today.Patreon Page: https://www.patreon.com/myartisreal Thinkspace: https://thinkspaceprojects.com/ Music Credit: Cue Shop - Clip Art, Xylo-Ziko - Osmosis, Cue Shop - Pride's Cloke (Slow), Cue Shop - Today's News Tomorrow, Cue Shop - Today's News Tomorrow, Podington Bear - Bittersweet, Podington Bear - Starling

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