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Projector Add-on for Blender


Simple projector creation and modification for Blender.

What this Add-on can do for you

  • Easy creation and modification of physically-based projectors.
  • Real-world projector settings like throw ratio, resolution and lens shift.
  • Project test textures or your own content like images and videos.
  • Preview the projections in Cycles render mode (Eevee will be supported when the needed functionality is implemented).

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bennoH. • Edited on

Thank you very much for the post, dear Martin for this well-placed note. Because that sounds very interesting and exciting, I hope that I get the chance to take a closer look at it and try it out.

With only the best wishes and greetings from Switzerland by bennoH.🐹 to France & you Martin!

The newly chosen name-icon: I now have 2 adopted degu friends. So mutch fun!!

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Graham Thorne

This is amazing thanks for sharing. Very handy for the degree course I teach in the UK.