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Spout addon V3.0.0 for Blender 3.0.x (Update: Easy to install)

The Blender spout addon (developed by Martin Froehlich) has been updated and now you can install it like any other addon. Thanks to the Blender community and its open source state of mind.
Go grab it on github:

Spout addon V3.0.0 for Blender 3.0.x

Spout for Blender allows to stream spout streams from blender.

This works only for Windows 10 64 bit.


Please make sure you have the most current Blender 3.0.x installed.

  1. download the addon from the releases

  2. Open Blender > Menu > Preferences > Add-ons > search for and enable the 'Spout' add-on

  3. Press the button to install the SpoutGL library via pip.

  4. Once the SpoutGL library is installed, disable and reenable the addon.

  5. Save and close preferences.


Currently it is only possible to send Spout streams, but not to receive them.

For streaming you need a Camera object.

The plugin adds a Panel to the Camera properties called 'Streaming Texture'. The following properties are available:

  • The streaming name is default set to the camera name.
  • capture/streaming resolution.
  • show preview inside viewport.
  • use eevee color management (recommended)
  • chose a workspace with the desired render…

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Good news for Mac users now it supports Syphon github.com/maybites/blender.script...