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Spout addon V3.0.0 for Blender 3.0.x (Update: Easy to install)

The Blender spout addon (developed by Martin Froehlich) has been updated and now you can install it like any other addon. Thanks to the Blender community and its open source state of mind.
Go grab it on github:

Texture sharing addon V6.0.5 for Blender 3.x upwards

Blender addon that allows to share textures via Spout or Syphon or NDI from and to blender.

This works for current Windows (Spout & NDI), Linux (NDI) and OSX (Syphon & NDI).

⚠️ This library is still in development.

State of Development


  • OSX Syphon Metal Server
  • OSX Syphon OpenGL Server
  • OSX Syphon Server Discovery
  • OSX Syphon Metal Client (blender 4.x upwards)
  • OSX Syphon OpenGL Client


  • Windows Spout Sender
  • Windows Spout Sender Discovery
  • Windows Spout Receiver

Linux, Windows, OSX

  • NDI Sender
  • NDI Sender Discovery
  • NDI Receiver



If you want to use NDI, donwload and install NDI SDK before you continue intalling the addon.

You also need to download manually the wheel files for your system.

The wheels for Windows and OSX can be found here. A Linux variant is available from here - this is untested, though…

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newemka Author

Good news for Mac users now it supports Syphon github.com/maybites/blender.script...

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newemka Author

The dev started to add NDI support :)