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Luis castilleja
Luis castilleja

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What does Vjing mean to you?


Vjing to me means expression through live visual performance no matter what tools you use. I think we are to EDM what DJing is to hip hop.

I love making content and having an outlet to express my self at such as the clubs I do work for. I think we are more than just a dude running the show, we are the show.

What does being a VJ mean to you?

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@pseudocorpse train your brain and develop techniques using as many different tools as you can. start to build set from single solid and elaborate it to audio responsive complexities as example. this is visual jedi way :)

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Graham Thorne

For me - VJing is a visual story teller. I think if you turn up to a gig for a nightclub and you don't know the acts/DJ's performers then you are using your own visual styles to respond to the music. But if you are making content with the artists songs in mind you are part of the story from the beginning. The largest artists can afford custom content so get VJ/Visual Artists on as part of the team; Think Eric Prydz and the latest afterlife events (2023). I feel the 2023 onwards gigs seem to be much more cinematic in their approach too; the Visual have audio in sync with the content.