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Introducing Create protocol and Mercado NFT

Hello Creative Minds,
I hope you had a good new year.
I want to share an artist friendly community platform that we have been building for creators to understand blockchain, NFTs and how to use this technology to finance their creativity smoothly without much hustle.
Do check the pdf for details. Artists joining early will receive guidance from our team to extend their skill sets into NFT art work and making their NFT collections and sales.
Kindly fill the form at the end of the presentation to register.

Sleepless Monk
Chief Creator & Artist Manager

PS : I've been on and off VJunion since 2014 (I did create VJ Union France group but credit to managing and growing it to what it is now goes to others). I do for 8 years AV performance, visuals, production, djing, soundhealing and play about 20 different instruments. The way I see VJunion is already onboarded in this project as in our network we have some of the best visual artists and video/3d content, also AV artists. But the NFT world currently is all about hype and viral marketing, to change that needs many things that our team is working towards but overall an active community in blockchain and NFTs accomplishing things to a level that VJunion has so far on web2. Vdmokstati and LunaNane (vvvv.js, ooo.graphics, symbioticcube...she designed most of the tech behind Refik Anadol studio which just received a massive grant from epic games) are already working with us along with some other visionaries. As more funds and grants get released we would like to work more closely with some of you, not just as creators selling NFTs but also visionaries pushing the domains of AR/VR and metaverse.

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