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New VJ packs

I put out 3 VJ packs, 2 are almost free, I had to put some amount due to filesize restrictions on gumroad. 2 are with Stable Diffusion AI and one is with shaders I created and forked. Tested them quite a bit with FFT in EDM events. Goes best with techno and psytrance. You can find more details below

Shadertoy Pack : 12 shaders in full hd, H264 link to my shaders provided in description, you can also use the shaders directly.

11 Stable Diffusion VJ loops (free version) : Loops I made on my 4GB VRAM, full HD H264, resolution was natively low so I'm keeping it mostly free.

24 Stable Diffusion VJ loops, full HD H264, these are in better quality, I tested them in various events and the response was good. Any sales would go in furthering my AI research.

(I use the loops in HAP, works quite as good as DXV in resolume and overall the better format, also tested in TouchDesigner and HeavyM. Bit impractical to upload with the crazy bandwidths in goa. You can convert using your favorite encoder : Adobe, Streamclip, etc)

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bennoH. • Edited on

You have to pay at least US-$5.37 so these packages are by no means completely free! Or better nothing is free hear!!
I tried to get the download link from gumroad.com but it didn't work for free.
bennoH. 🐼

Mindestens 5.37US-$ muss man bezahlen komplett kostenlos sind diese Packete also keineswegs! Eigentlich ist gar nichts kostenlos zu haben hier!!
Habe versucht über gumroad.com den Downloadlink zu erhalten aber ging nicht kostenlos.
bennoH. 🐼

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Ethereios Author

I am really busy until next week, I have not even time yet to look at your plugins. I donot have any patreon at all and the original post has links to my updated gumroad, which has at least a few packs free. The new packs cannot be completely free, those are gumroad restrictions (I have mentioned this in writing in the post). If you have the patience I will repy to your mail in a week or so.