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Charles Thomas Ford
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A gathering of people with collective interest

So I’m curious if there’s a Discord or like a mastodon server that we could all gather on also I think it would be cool set up a live stream event like a festival but just a bunch of video Peeps

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discord.com/invite/HgtruHq is vjunion discord server.

what you describing has been happening already thanks to forward motion by members of VJ Union Japan specifically. In the last few years they ran few av night while streaming through our community discord channel.

you can check out VJ Union Japan channel for more examples.

if you have any ideas or want to lead some online events, lets make it happen. share your view what you like to see and we can do it.. again ;)

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Ben O'Regan

Where is the above gif from / how was it made?

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Charles Thomas Ford Author

Internal and external video feedback into the edirol v4 With a little post processing