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The Visual Cast | EP3 - Matt Mendez/ZIP Visuals , Zip'ady do daing in Louisiana

For Episode 3 of The Visual Cast we have Matt Mendez AKA ZIP Visuals , for the first time on the podcast our "set" segment is a live audio visual set and a deep dive into Matts @Resolume workflow. Matt is a multi talented VJ and Visual Artist! He has played in massive venues and headlined festivals throughout the country, been on multiple sold out tours and even slinged visuals for the Grateful dead, He's Collaborated and Created for some of the best music producers in the bass scene, and continues to excel in 3d visual creation and the performance art of VJing. Matt’s such a lovely guy to talk to, we chat about him growing up in NJ (NOT LOUISIANA) , picking up #aftereffects early on, falling in love with 3d and getting deeper into real-time workflows, hitting goals and dreams within his scene and throughout his career and playing at @Boom 2022 together. Matt crushes social media with tons of BTS content and sick swag on his site - zipvisuals.com/ youtube.com / @zipvisuals8713   instagram.com/zip_visuals facebook.com/zipvisuals Chapters: 00:00 Intro 01:15 Zip Visuals/Matt Mendez interview 57:10 SET - #liveset #Resolume @mickman 01:37:00 Post Set Interview (more chapters coming…) Please like and subscribe and join us next week for another episode! Also follow us on social media (@thevisualcast) to find out who the next guest is! We also have an audio version on Apple Podcasts and Spotify so head on over and give us a review!! The Visual Cast Podcast is a weekley, recorded live visual podcast, were we interview some of the best, most influential and most talented visual artists from around the world! We break up the interview with the "set", a interactive portion of the cast where the guest chooses what they want to share with us!! It can be anything from a live generative visuals set to a show and tell of a past project, or in this case a live audio/visual set and breakdown. Thank you so much for watching and again a massive thanks to Matt for coming on! Intro/outro music by Mantismash facebook.com/Mantismash Follow the Cast facebook.com/thevisualcast instagram.com/thevisualcast Follow Alon Hammer/REM facebook.com/REMvisualart instagram.com/REMvisualart remvisuals.com

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