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The Visual Cast | EP5 - Steven Mccorry/Glass Crane , Bird of a feather - Rainbow forever!

Episode 5 of The Visual Cast is here, and we have Steven Mccorry AKA Glass Crane as our esteemed guest, for our "SET" segment we dive deep into NOTCH VFX and TOOL3  ! Steven is such a chill and sweet dude, He has been creating beautiful imagery for over a decade and is a highly regarded and looked up to artist in the visual arts world. He has designed album covers, logos & visual packs for some of your favorite musical acts, has created some of the best selling and highest valued NFTS on the market and now he is taking over the VJ world with amazing and mind bending real-time visuals! In our convo we get into, being a the lead singer in a metal band, having been mentored and inspired by some of the greatest Visual artists of all time, creating/moderating amazingly useful communities of artists that creates massive inspiration and skill sharing and we get into psychedelics and the collective consciousness that Steven pulls a lot of his musing from. For Stevens SET we jump into NOTCH - regardless of my feelings towards this software, it's always a pleasure to see others using it in fresh and interesting ways, and it reminds me, how fun and intuitive it really is. Steven also jumps into TOOL3 which is a super cool node based real time engine with infinite possibilities and as Steven shows us, quite the powerful…Tool! Glass Crane is an absolute star, follow him on all his socials and catch him playing at a festival/party near you - https://iamglasscrane.com/https://www.facebook.com/glasscranearthttps://instagram.com/glass_crane/https://superrare.com/glasscrane (chapters coming soon...) Please like and subscribe and join us next week for another episode! Also follow us on social media (@thevisualcast) to find out who the next guest is! We also have an audio version on Apple Podcasts and Spotify so head on over and give us a review!! The Visual Cast Podcast is a weekley, recorded live visual podcast, were we interview some of the best, most influential and most talented visual artists from around the world! We break up the interview with the "set", a interactive portion of the cast where the guest chooses what they want to share with us!! It can be anything from a live generative visuals set to a show and tell of a past project, or in this case a in depth look at realtime rendering softwares. Thank you so much for watching and again a massive thanks to Steven for coming on! Intro/outro music by Mantismash https://facebook.com/Mantismash Follow the Cast https://facebook.com/thevisualcasthttps://instagram.com/thevisualcast Follow Alon Hammer/REM https://facebook.com/REMvisualarthttps://instagram.com/REMvisualarthttps://remvisuals.com

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