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VC | EP9 - Raimonds Jermaks/Symmetric Vision , Visual Replication with A Latvian Entity Whisperer

Episode 9 is upon us with  @SymmetricVision  AKA Raimonds Jermaks Straight from Latvia into your 3D dimension! Raimonds is a world class visual artist, his YouTube channel has millions of views, he specializes in visually recreating altered states & Entities and takers part in researching the science of visual replication, as well as VJing at massive European festivals!! Me & Symmetric talk about growing up in the middle of nowhere in Latvia, discovering altered states & psychedelics, taking his experience to a place of art and exploration, we get into VJing,  @MoDemFestivalOfficial  &  @TASVisuals , Raimonds viewpoints on “Spirituality” & “Religion” , Higher subjectability and how knowledge is transferred. I cant stress enough how much information and insight Raimonds has, the conversation is fluid, electric & hysterical!!!! For Raimonds SET we jump into his  @ResolumeVJSoftware  project and a audio/visual mini-mix with music by Daksinamurti founder of  @SangomaRecords , We then jump into how the noodle is made and check out Raimonds After Effects and Blender workflows, it was a deep dive into the absolute insanity that is symmetric vision!!!!! Check out Raimonds website, his socials and he posts on his YouTube channel very frequently , and head on over to his Patreon for loops, tutorials and to support his research - https://www.symmetric-vision.xyz/ https://www.patreon.com/symmetricvision https://www.facebook.com/symmetryinvisioned https://www.instagram.com/inner.reflection/ https://www.youtube.com/c/SymmetricVision (chapters coming soon...) The Visual Cast Podcast is a weekly, recorded live visual podcast, were we interview some of the best, most influential and most talented visual artists from around the world! We break up the interview with the "set", a interactive portion of the cast where the guest chooses what they want to share with us!! It can be anything from a live generative visuals set to a show and tell of a past project, or in this case a audio/visual mini-mix & a look at creating psychedelic noodles. Please like and subscribe & join us next week for another episode! Follow us @thevisualcast to find out who next weeks guest is! If you enjoyed this podcast, please head on over to Apple Podcasts and Spotify and give us a review!! Intro/Outro music by Mantismash https://www.instagram.com/mantismash Follow the Cast https://www.instagram.com/thevisualcast https://www.facebook.com/thevisualcast Follow Alon Hammer/REM https://www.instagram.com/remvisualart https://www.facebook.com/remvisualart https://remvisuals.com Thank you so much for watching and again a massive thanks to Raimonds for coming on!

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