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ShowKontrol Resolume Timecode Sync GoPro DJ Booth

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a 2x2 overview in 4k is worth at least a million words on an invoice, right?

Jokes aside, here is my funny take on DJing the song "Wasureranaino" by Sakanaction in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles March 2024. The background video is the official music video release and the lyrics and animation layer is a custom asset I authored in Davinci Resolve. I had to make a compromise and leave out the English meaning translation, but I instead opted to present the pronounced lyrics in both Japanese and what's referred to in Japanese as "roomaji" or Roman-script (yes a bit of a misnomer). As an artist and mixed Japanese person this is a very personal bridge of cultures all wrapped up in the presentation of a DJ set 🫡

The technology stack depicted is TCSupply ShowKontrol providing cues sending OSC to Resolume for visual production impacts like virtual confetti. Resolume file is setup in a simple linear style with mostly music videos prepared at the same length as the audio track. DJ performance setup is (2) Pioneer CDJNXS2 and (1) Pioneer DJM900NXS2 with all Pioneer equipment, Resolume laptop, ShowKontrol laptop, on an unmanaged gigabit switch (169.x.x.x default non-DHCP addressing).

While the majority of my career is on big screens supporting an artist as a VJ, it's fun to reconnect with smaller rooms using the same technology and getting to DJ/VJ myself!

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