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AI-VJ software on Steam

Brand new AI-VJ software has appeared on Steam listings. Free to play and early access edition lets you add mesmerizing AI visuals and fractals to your DJ shows. Give this one a whirl on the big screen at your next house party!

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Get perfect sync by linking up with all popular DJ software, or by using estimated beats per minute from any audio playing on your PC (such as Youtube or Spotify). Can even play your own VJ videos!

Rock your DJ shows, house parties, and events with curated, pre-generated AI visuals and live fractals!

AI VJ is a minimalistic VJ app that syncs visuals with your music, for mesmerizing effects.

Working features already include:

– Supports a projector (secondary screen), but can also be run on a single screen, clicking to the side hides the UI
– Use Ableton Link to connect to Virtual DJ, Rekordbox, Traktor, Serato and other popular DJ software, for perfect sync
– Fallback to microphone input, or WASAPI PC audio loopback to estimate BPM from live audio
– Usable with your own VJ video collection (at 120bpm)
– Make slide-shows for special events using your own pictures
– Easily re-arrange, and inter-mix visual clips, fractals and pictures through drag and drop

Oh, and it's FREE!

Visuals beyond samples will be released as paid DLC. Some non-core elements are, and will be DLCs, such as the Customize Your DJ Logo DLC, which allows you to customize your DJ logo for public DJ shows, and replace the small AI VJ banner that appears every 20 minutes

If you enjoy AI VJ and would like to support further development, you could consider buying DLCs

Download AI-VJ on Steam


AI-VJ official website


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Wybo Wiersma

Thanks for posting about AI VJ.

The creator of it here. & Happy to answer any questions! Ideas for features welcome!

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vdmo Author

I love when this happens !! ;)
Also.. warm welcome !