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MagicaCSG + Blender

MagicaCSG has recently turned 0.0.2 and is is going strength to strength. We looking at this modeling application with a signed distance field editor and path tracing renderer that lets you create 3D models via boolean operations. Very cool.

MagicaCSG release is aimed at Windows 64 bit by design, yet you can also use Wine on Linux to use it as well. // It would be interesting to see if could run in virtual systems inside MacOS world. So if you can hack on this and make it work, please let us know in the comments. Thank you. ;)

MagicaCSG + Blender

So..straight in. When you switch to IO tab inside MagicaCSG and further in Mesh area you click export button, you can create PLY file which you can Import to Blender or other Game Engines. Heads up, - Meshes can be quite large and so processing can take some time, so go and make some coffee. ;) Possibilities of this in various applications is quite large, and Im sure this will be covered many times further.

The concept of incorporating MagicCSG and Blender came from a tweet by AdamRatai

And to help you get set up further, you can follow text and video tutorial by people at gamefromscratch.com.


Exporting From MagicaCSG to Blender

Video Tutorial

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