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PolypopLive - A New Live Streaming Experience

Polypop is a new live streaming app that revolutionizes interaction with viewers and helps you monetize your stream.



Why Did We Create PolyPop

As avid live stream viewers and video game aficionados, we noticed a dissonance: while the games streamers played were popping with innovations and ever-evolving technologies, the live-stream platforms haven’t changed much in years.
Coming from the worlds of VR and gaming, we realized we could do something about it.
We thought, why not take the capabilities of a gaming engine, and apply them to the world of live-streaming?
The result is PolypopLive - the only live-streaming app powered by a gaming engine, that adds a third dimension to live-streaming and takes interactivity to a new level.

Next-Level Interactivity

When it comes to interacting with your audience, PolypopLive is a game changer.
Your viewers’ actions - cheering, subscribing, and more - can trigger objects and animations on screen.

PolypopLive's animations are not prebaked, they are created live - and the animated objects interact with whatever is on your screen.

Let your audience feel like they're a part of the broadcast! Polypop can pick one of your viewers and play a minigame with them, adding another layer of engagement that keeps your audience with you.

New Broadcasting Environment

With PolypopLive you can add a 3rd dimension to your traditional 2D broadcast.

Until PolypopLive, streaming was a flat 2D environment. We built a gaming engine that powers PolypopLive and lets you add the Z-axis to your broadcasting environment. Now your live stream can have depth.

PolypopLive literally changed the rules: Suddenly objects on your screen can be subject to gravity, have a physical force and react to each other.

Nonrepetitive Animations

Because Polypop generates all objects live, you get nonrepetitive animations.
That means your alerts will have a fresh and unique look every time, keeping your audience engaged.

Adding a vintage countdown clock to your live stream with PolypopLive

We Help You Monetize

PolypopLive’s capabilities make your live stream more fun for viewers - and easier for you to monetize.

By rewarding interactions, PolypopLive encourages viewers to subscribe and cheer.

You can limit PolypopLive’s mini-games to subscribers or top cheerers, giving your viewers further incentives. Let PolypopLive help you monetize your live stream!

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This is a completely new live streaming experience.

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