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Resolume 7.12 | Pioneer DJ Sync, CrossFader Phase, 3 New Effects, Auto-Layout for Nodes

Resolume 7.12 | Pioneer DJ Sync, CrossFader Phase, 3 New Effects, Auto-Layout for Nodes

News update from Resolume!

Pioneer DJ Sync!
When using a Pioneer DJ mixer & players, you can automatically sync the audio played by the DJ to a video in Resolume Arena. Arena will keep an eye on what track is loaded in the player; when it sees a linked track, it will play the video for you. This way, your show will be totally automagically in sync. To use this integration you need the free Pioneer DJ Bridge app or ShowKontrol. Checkout all the details in this support article.

Link parameters to CrossFader Position
When animating parameters you can now choose the Crossfader Phase as the driving force for your animation. Checkout this video to see it in action.

3 New Effects
There are now 3 new effects in Arena & Avenue. Slice Delay, WarpSpeed & SearchLight. These new effects are created, and thus, editable in Wire so feel free to improve them to your needs.

Auto-layout for Nodes (beta)
Let's be honest, bigger wire patches often look like a big bowl of spaghetti meatballs. With wires criss-crossing all over the place, nodes all over the place it's a mess. But with the auto-layout you can now untangle that mess with the press of a button: CNTRL+L. It tries to minimise cord crossing and nodes overlapping cords as much as possible to maximise readability of the patch. You can apply the auto-layout to only a selection of nodes or of course on the entire patch. Programming this auto-layout was a lot of fun but also very finicky because adding a new rule to improve certain patches actually makes other patches look worse. This is why we're introducing this as a beta feature. Please try it out and let us know how you think it can be improved on your specific patches. If you do not like the result you just press undo and you're back to your bowl of spaghetti.

wire auto-layout

Avenue & Arena Fix List
-17456 DXV3 is missing in ARM After effects Export
-15042 Double clicking a Composition in Finder, Resolume opens last composition on startup
-15043 Option to disable open composition confirm dialog via the command line not working on macOS
-16896 Crash moving Composition monitor out of main window with this ui layout
-16984 Composition NDI Syphon and Spout output can get initialised with wrong resolution
-17141 Preferences option to save snapshot images to different directory than the recordings
-17269 Moving default transform in the effect list creates a copy of the transform
-17369 Clip transport folding no working in the API Example
-17402 Saving presets takes progressively longer with more presets
-17419 Right clicking spout clip on mac causes crash
-17426 Missing FFGL mixers should show a red Missing Mixer message in the layer blend selector
-17473 Add API endpoints for selected layer, group, column and clip
-17516 Some custom OSC shortcuts rewrite the address after you typed them
-17531 Audio tracks can get 5 secs as duration when you drop them into empty clips slots, in a deck which was loaded

Wire Fix List
-15763 Double clicking on compiled Wire-patch does not copy it to patches-folder
-15933 Crash pasting bunch of nodes with Delay after a bunch of nodes with Delay
-16432 Pack in texture mode refuses float as last input, keeps showing red disconnecting wire
-16850 Input order isn't stored in Copy (for sharing)
-16876 Contextual menu with show in Finder no worky for compiled Wire patches from shared folder
-17033 Merge in texture mode crops textures to patch size
-17150 Add snapping to comment node
-17274 Slice in node gets set to 5 instances on re-open
-17293 Shift node should be in the collection tab instead of logic tab
-17363 Gradient disconnects Bypass when changing Type
-17372 Thumbnail Snapshot should work with Texture Out
-17393 Float fields accept input with two dots
-17438 Wire hangs on exit, with Slice in node, uses lots of memory
-17472 Crash replacing Texture in node with Hub
-17535 Gradient node doesn't have the precision you'd expect
-17567 Color to Texture to Crop crashes Wire

Select "Check for Updates.." in the Avenue or Arena menu and it will self-update, including Wire. Or checkout the downloads page.

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Pretty huge update really. I am not a Pioneer DJ but almost everyone else is... Look forward to testing this out.