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Resolume 7.17 Released

Recording Improvements
This is huge! Recording now has it's own dedicated panel where you can set a lot of new options and where your recorded files will show up. Besides ProRes and DXV you can now also record in h264. This is hardware accelerated and produces small files so you can now record basically as long as you want to. Before you could only record the composition but you can now optionally specify what layer, group or even screen from the advanced output that you want to record. You can specify the length of the recording in seconds or beats, this means you do not have to trim your recordings anymore but you get perfectly looping files. The recording can also be automatically stopped when all playing clips have ended. You can start the recording when the next bar starts or when a clip is triggered. Combine this automatic starting and stopping with the layer auto-pilot and you can do basic video editing in Arena & Avenue! Recorded files are not automatically added to the composition anymore by default but they are added to the recording panel where you can double click them to preview, open in Explorer/Finder or drag them to a clip in your composition.

Copy & Paste Effects
Now you can copy & paste effects not just on clips but also on layers, groups and the composition. This is a huge time saver! You'll find the copy & paste effects options in the clip, layer, group and composition menu.

Copy & Paste Images
In 7.16 we added copying & pasting images to Wire and now it's also available in Arena & Avenue. To copy an image open the radar menu at the bottom of a monitor. Paste an image via the clip menu.

Akai APC Mini MK2 Increased Brightness
The Akai APC Mini MK2 is quickly becoming the new favorite controller for Avenue & Arena but by default the buttons are not very bright. You always had to set it to drum mode to get the maximum brightness from the buttons. We have now fixed this in 7.17, the buttons are always max brightness, no need to set it to a different mode, just plug and play.

Wire got a few new nodes; Distance Node and Replace NaN Node. You can now position the text in the Text Render node. Quickly create a comment shortcut ⌘/CTRL + M. When you have nodes selected this will create the comment around the nodes, if you have no nodes selected it just creates a comment and you can start jotting away. The Insert Pack shortcut (⌘/CTRL + P) can be used to quickly combine two, three or four nodes that output the Float type into a Float2, Float3 or Float4 type. We added an option to select unused nodes so you can quickly clean up your patch. And of course there are various other small improvements and bug fixes.

As always, downloads available here. Or click on Check for updates... in the Arena/Avenue menu and it will self update.

Arena/Avenue Fix List

  • #6945 Add Fit-Fill-Stretch options to Mask
  • #19274 Start shortcut editing with no item selected
  • #17731 Pioneer player info doesn't appear in Resolume when using Bridge app to bridge to another network
  • #18282 Duplicating top layer in group places new layer outside group
  • #19109 Shortcut to trigger and Solo at the same time not always executed correctly
  • #19344 Magewell capture card only shows 15FPS options on mac
  • #19445 Layer clear mapped to CC or DMX clears layer on any value change
  • #19469 Layer Clear button doesn't always flash (when triggering with shortcut)
  • #16883 Layer clear triggers on any change in Midi/DMX input
  • #17178 Palette Midi CC shortcuts no worky
  • #19346 Clip params can flash old value with animated to clip position and envelope applied

Wire Fix List

  • #19295 Distance Node
  • #19423 "Replace NaN" node
  • #19547 Add option to Select Unused nodes
  • #19754 Create Comment Shortcut: ⌘/CTRL + M
  • #19671 Pack Shortcut ⌘/CTRL+P
  • #19010 Make sure a newly refilled Bag doesn't end with the same number it last ended
  • #19374 Exposing inputs, should also auto number input nodes
  • #19540 Add Randomize for Bool, Trigger and Color
  • #19606 Wire Text Rendering Position
  • #19851 Text line jumps with unsupported chars
  • #19626 Reloading patch from recents no worky
  • #19292 Compile on UTF8 windows user no worky

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I would like to add another addendum, apparently it needed a third pass cleanUp

So we are on 7.17.3

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resolume 7.17.2 Up

“The Flying Dutchmen” messed up a lot and had to make improvements twice, it's questionable whether everything will work now. The update is now 7.17.2

bennoH.🐼🙋 11.Sept. 2023