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SunVox 2.1 is out!

SunVox 2.1 is out!

SunVox is a small, fast and powerful modular synthesizer with pattern-based sequencer (tracker). It is a tool for those people who like to compose music wherever they are, whenever they wish. On any device. On any system. And it's free for most of the systems, except the Android and iOS.
With a lot of new features and improvements!


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Updates 2.1 (1 feb 2023):

  • iOS: now the interface is displayed in high resolution; if you want to switch back to the normal low resolution mode (on some devices this will increase the FPS) - go to the Preferences -> Interface -> Low resolution;
  • iOS: Preferences -> Audio -> Additional options: new option "minimize the amount of system-supplied signal processing" (measurement mode);
  • iOS 9 support has been dropped; now the minimum is 11;
  • macOS 10.9 support has been dropped; now the minimum is 10.13;
  • Wi-Fi export/import is now also available on Android;
  • high resolution icons;
  • high resolution fonts with fractional scaling (only in OpenGL version, including iOS, Android, macOS, Windows and Linux); you can disable these features in Preferences -> Interface -> Fonts;
  • sound engine optimization;
  • Distortion: new type "saturation" (adding odd harmonics) + five of its variations;
  • MultiSynth: new option "Output port number = random" (three different algorithms are available);
  • Loop: new controller "Length unit" (line/128;line;line/2;line/3;tick;ms;Hz);
  • Loop: new controller "Maximum buffer size" (in seconds) to protect against allocating too much memory;
  • Loop: the maximum of the "Repeat" controller has been increased to 128 (128 = repeat endlessly);
  • new curve types for ADSR and FMX modules: rect; smooth rect; 2-bit (linear); 3-bit; 4-bit; 5-bit;
  • module editor menu: new function "Mute/Solo buttons" to show/hide the Bypass/Mute/Solo buttons under each module;
  • musical keyboard: the new panel with additional functions and settings; to open it - increase the height of the keyboard and press the appeared "+" button;
  • musical keyboard settings: type (classic, uniform, free (any frequency)), number of rows, key width, color inversion, autorepeat;
  • new way to edit a pattern - drawing with a brush; go the pattern editor menu and select "Draw" - this will open the pattern drawing tools;
  • for a more detailed description of working with a brush, see changelog_details.txt or https://warmplace.ru/soft/sunvox/manual.php#pdraw
  • new features in the pattern editor menu: Copy to brush; Reverse; Draw (open pattern drawing tools);
  • Preferences -> Timeline: new option "Hexadecimal track numbers";
  • Preferences -> Toolbars: the buttons on the horizontal dividers can be customized here; see changelog_details.txt or https://warmplace.ru/soft/sunvox/manual.php#toolbars
  • pattern editor menu -> Remap: module number -1 = all modules;
  • more detailed pattern names after the live recording;
  • new pattern effect (column EE): 35 - bind MIDI OUT message XX (0 - Program Change; 1 - Channel Pressure; 2 - Pitch Bend Change) to controller YY (0 - OFF; 0x80 - MIDI controller 0; 0x81 - MIDI controller 1...); for the specified module only;
  • new special pattern command: "XX" - stop the module, clear its internal buffers and put it into standby mode;
  • new keyboard shortcuts (unassigned by default) that open the corresponding tool windows in the pattern editor:
    • interpolate;
    • transpose;
    • cyclic shift;
    • set effect;
    • draw;
  • new keyboard shortcuts (unassigned by default) for the pattern editor:
    • clear pattern;
    • shrink pattern /2;
    • expand pattern *2;
    • slice by cursor;
    • reverse;
    • pattern properties;
    • show/hide CCEEXXYY columns;
    • scale;
    • insert a special command "Stop the Module" (XX);
  • new keyboard shortcuts for working with the brush:
    • CTRL+E - play current note (in the pattern editor) and copy it to the brush;
    • CTRL+L - play the notes of the current line (in the pattern editor) and copy it to the brush;
    • play the 1st line of the brush (unassigned by default);
    • сopy selected area of the pattern to the brush (unassigned by default);
    • CTRL+G - paste from the brush;
  • new modules in the instruments/ and effects/ folders;
  • new examples:
    • SunVox Compo 2022.02 winners: fuzion_mixer & Logickin - Synthonic Voyage, RobloxFan75000 - Hypermatic, PhilipBergwerf - We want Peace;
    • NightRadio - Cycles of Light;
  • updated version of SunVox library for developers: https://warmplace.ru/soft/sunvox/sunvox_lib.php
  • bug fixes.

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