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Text to Video - Early Adopter - RunwayML.com

Let's face it! There is a growing number of technological, scientific and creative advancements that duly become part of our creative and tooling process as artist in recent times. In 2022 alone we saw a huge boost of "text to art" machine learning applications that excited millions of artists and enthusiasts and co tributes to great deal of art and new forms of expression. One doesn't have to go far,- it's everywhere.

Anyone can create such digital art by using growing set of tools online by adding few text prompts or keyword suggestions in a text field and pressing 'Enter'. Generated image based on machine learning training and capabilies will return almost in an instance.

This technological technique opened up huge influx of opportunity towards art that is created in such manner.
This subject has been covered in various places already and what we describing is infact a step ahead of that.

Text to Video .. is what is on the day to day horizon.

RynwayML.com which has not been known to me untill fairly recently through it's main service as online video editor, has now opened up it's doors to early adopters with "Text to Video" programme.

This toolkit would not only let you create images from text prompts, but also render full blown videos based on your text quiry.

Let's see what this may look like in action.

runwayml demo

The sign up for early adopters is now open via https://runwayml.com and you can join the cue and see this for yourself.

As far as capability and possibility of this in concept, -"Amazing" does not simply cover it!

Now the question that I'd like to put forward is to ask however; *How quickly can this technology be adopted widely, and to what extend will it be used in next year, next 5 years and few decades? *

Look forward to hear your thoughts..post below.

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