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The Visual Cast | EP2 - Brandon Thompson/Sauce Monster , Bringing the Sauce

For Episode 2 of The Visual Cast we have the one and only Brandon Thompson AKA Sauce Monster, Brandon's "set", was a deepdive into his @UnrealEngine and @houdini3d workflow and the super awesome way he uses those tools!

Brandon is a OG VJ and all around multi disciplinary Visual Artist,
he has toured as a VJ with @beatsantique ,
did visuals on The most listened to podcast in the world@KillTony ,
has mapped some massive stages including The Sonic Bloom festival
and created concert visuals and music videos for some of the biggest musicians in the world, including @smashingpumpkins and @justinbieber !!

We have an awesome conversation and go deep into Brandons beginnings and family origins as military musicians, we praise the best software in the world @TouchDesignerOfficialand procedural visual based scripting and discussed Virtual Production and working together on some massive projects!!

Check out the sauce and go give Brandon some social media love -


00:00 Intro
02:10 Exploring Visual Art & Music Integration
12:54 Growing Up in a Musical Family
26:11 Navigating Artistic Identity & Imposter Syndrome
32:58 VJing, & Creative Projection Mapping
37:09 Pixel maps, UV maps & Mapping techniques
48:51 Realtime visuals & Generative visuals as part of a performance
01:03:05 Touch Designer the best software ever
01:07:00 @paketa12
01:12:46 Learning Houdini & the insane learning curve
01:22:20 Good software's & Bad software's
01:31:32 SET - #unrealengine #houdini MSG Sphere & Procedural examples
02:07:50 Unexpected career paths, AI & Virtual Production

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Enjoy Episode 2 of the Cast!!

The Visual Cast podcsat is a weekley, recorded live visual podcast, were we interview some of the best, most influential and most talented visual artists from around the world!
We break up the interview with the "set", a interactive portion of the cast where the guest chooses what they want to share with us!! It can be anything from a live generative visuals set to a show and tell of a past project, or in this case a deep dive into Procedural Realtime workflows.

Thank you so much for watching and again a massive thanks to Julius for coming on!

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