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VC | EP11 - Jesse Yaun/PapaBear , Papa Breezy Making It Look Eazy

Episode 11 is with the amazing and powerful @papabeararts / AKA Jesse Yaun

Jesse is just coming off of playing an absolutely outstanding set at Rendezvous in Suwannee Florida and he isn't slowing down!!
Papa bear is an exceptional visual artist and plays at some of the biggest events in the country.
He makes insanely cool clothes and swag and his style of abstract generative real-time visuals is close and dear to my heart.
sitting down with him was a real pleasure.

We talk about Jesses journey from inking and product/branding design to starting to do live painting at shows , he then took his art into after effects to mix it and discovered VJing and Visuals, we then chat about AAVJ and RayTK which run within the mighty @TouchDesignerOfficial , we get into the emotional impact of abstract art and his goal of creating memorable moments for people.

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For papas SET, he blesses us with a killer audio visual set (with an amazing audio set by WIJ) , all real-time all generative, all running in TouchDesighner powered by AAVJ we then jump into how the bear makes his visual magic and get a look into his rayTK workflow.

Check out Papa’s socials and don't miss out on his swag!
Instagram: papabeararts
Facebook : papabeararts

Website: https://society6.com/papabeardesign

(chapters coming soon...)

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Thank you so much for watching and again a massive thanks to Jesse for coming on!

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