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 -Binary Fragmentation , The MagicMan Of Unified Real Time Visuals

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VC | EP14 - Sharat Aithal -Binary Fragmentation , The MagicMan Of Unified Real Time Visuals

We have arrived at Episode 14 and we have a super special guest - Sharat Aithal AKA Binary Fragmentation Youtube: hotheadsa

Sharat is a master game developer, a real-time guru and a super authentic artist. He’s worked on critically acclaimed games and played in massive festivals around the world. And he consistently performs, projection maps and creates realtime generative content at an extremely high level.

We chat about Sharats life growing up in Saudia Arabia while retaining his Indian identity, playing prince of persia as a kid and going to study computer science in bangalore, his first job testing smackdown vs RAW on the PSP, developing a brand activation with interactive smells, working for Unity, getting deep into shaders and real-time visuals , getting inspired to use magic music visualizer by leandrosousavacao, after Sharats SET we jump into the ideology of computer science, spirituality, the contentedness in performing, growing up with hinduism and studying the babhta ghita , dancing and how the psytrance dance floor is a ceremony.

For Sharats set, we take a look at his unbelievable @unity patch and the way he uses it with mapping and an intro into his awesome @Magicmusicvisuals patch.

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Facebook : b1nary.fragmentati10n

Instagram: binaryfragmentat10n

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bennoh profile image

I'm intresting me more for just the coding of him and whats his tricks in that.

Some secrets and some generaly news by coding, perhaps for fragmentshaders in GLSL.
& Of corse what he think and do by SPIR-V for what the time is quit rigt now to get the last rest out of ouer GPU's and go to next Level of OpenGL by Vulkan!!!!πŸ™

See you next time πŸ™‹