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VC | EP16 - MiniUV/Yuval Cohen - Points, Glorious Points, Its What Everything's Made Of

This week on the cast we have a beautiful & super talented Yuval Choen aka ‪@_mini_uv‬

UV, is an exceptionally inspiring visual artists, his amazing ‪@TouchDesignerOfficial‬ abilities in not only simplifying but beautifying highly technical and intricate processes results in absolutely stunning and beautiful imagery.

We chat about a lot of interesting conversations, growing up in the “burrows” of Tel Aviv, working in the family business of a photography store, having mandatory military service and the retrospect of that experience and time, post army travels in india, starting his real journey by studying music and sound engineering and shifting into electrical engineering, then discovering touch designer out of a need for a visual/audio environment and then starting a Patreon and passing on his inspiration to others and
what being an artist or a tech artist means , spirituality, intention & nature being god.

For context, this conversation was recorded in the last week of April and towards the end we get into the very contentious and extremely nonlinear, extremely complicated conversation around Israel and the Palestinians.
Me and UV only have our experiences to draw from, and regardless of the fact that we both were born and raised in Israel, there is no definite answer to anything, especially from us.
We try and steer into more interesting aspects of this topic such as being an Iraqi Jew, Zionism powering anti Semitism , Conspiracies, propaganda on both sides, making connections and communicating with both sides ,separating religions ideology from politics, making art not war and what it feels like to be an Israeli post October/7th.
In no way shape or form is any of what we are saying meant to hurt or offend anyone, it's 100% out of the need and want of every artist, to express themselves in the hope of making the world a better place.
With that being said…

For UV’s SET he dives into his amazing TouchDesigner projects (available now on Patreon) and shows us a very close up look at Physarum, rendering super high density point clouds & GLSL smoke simulations.

I really loved this conversation with UV he's a real sweetheart and talented individual and for me having this reflection from someone who grew up in the same place as me was really meaningful.

Check out Yuval’s Patreon & his killer tutorials, you will not regret it -
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Instagram : _mini_uv
Youtube: / @_mini_uv

(chapters coming soon...)

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