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VC | EP6 - Leandro Sousa/Vj Vacão , The OG Brazilian, Mestre da noite

Episode 6 is here and I mistakenly shaved off my beard!!
This week we are joined by my Brazilian brother - Leandro Sousa, aka VJ VACAO !!!!

Leandro is an OG legend in Brazil, one of the first to do it on that side of the globe, He has played and performed at some of the biggest festivals in the world. He is a world class projection mapping artist and has a Visual Hologram show with @VegasLivebr! He is a master 3D generalist, video editor and VFX artist, it was a pleasure talking with him!

We get into what it was like growing up in Sao Paolo, starting as a video editor and moving into VFX , growing up in the underground Brazilian Psytrance scene, dealing with copy-caters, being the main projection mapper for @MimesisDeco , his love for traveling & collecting flags and his infatuation with psychedelic horror, gore and the dark side.

For Vacaos SET we jump into his absolutely insanely powerful projection mapping workflow, we start in @Photoshop go into @ResolumeVJSoftware , check out Chaser and look at Leandros AI control-net techniques.

play pause The Visual Cast

Go check out Leandros socials to see the result of the breakdown from the SET, its pretty insane!!

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