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VC | EP7 -Tommy Etkin/T3KT , Pardon me, are those Rays Marching?

Welcome to Episode 7 of our podcast! Today, we're thrilled to have Tommy Etkin aka tekt0
Tommy is not only an incredible VJ and co-founder of Immerse Studio, but he's also the mastermind behind RayTK, a powerful toolkit within the beloved software, @TouchDesignerOfficial.

In this episode, we dive into Tommy's journey, from his time at Google to his exploration of creative mediums like MaxMSP, @vvvv and eventually learning TouchDesigner. We explore his passion for creating art, crafting interactive experiences, and his venture into raymarching with the development of RayTK.

Plus, stick around after the set as we chat about topics ranging from spirituality to shaping a better future.

During Tommy's"SET" we get an exclusive look at RayTK in action within TouchDesigner and Tommy showcases an awe-inspiring interactive installation created for Mind Palace, an exhibition by Immerse Studio.

Tommy's insights are truly enlightening, and it was a real lovely time having him on.

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Go check out Tommy's socials, his killer patreon, his amazing toolset RayTK and his media production company Immerse Studio:

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