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Austin, TX VJ Meetup

Hello VJUnion, my name is Brandon Rosado!

This is my first post! I just want to spread awareness of the CTVJ (Central Texas VJs) Meetup in Austin, TX.

We host a session every other Wednesday, at different locations, but the next few will be at Dadalab.

Typically a session includes a member of the community presenting VJ related software or workflows to share with everyone else in the community.

Everyone who attends comes from all skill levels, but we do attract some of the greater VJ talent in the Austin area!

If you are nearby, and want to learn about VJing, present, collaborate, or just hang out, please join and/or comment and reach out!

Every once in a while, we do a jam session, where it's just open decks and VJing on the rig. Everyone is chill and we always have a great time! The next event is a jam session, so it will be a more casual version of the meetup for just hangs.

Come on through! Next Event is Wednesday, June 12th.

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Hi i'm bennoH. a only member like you of VJunio from Switzerland, nicy to have you on board at here!

& 💫✨🌟⭐⭐
Complyments for what you do in Austin, maybe i drive on by, one a nicy day.

with just the best wishes & greetings bennoH.🐼 + 🐹&🐹 my two DeguFrinds

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thank you for the intro post @virtuosoceo (Brandon) .. great to have you here with us. The event you guys are running looks super cool. Full support <3