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Adem Jaffers (vjMandala)
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Machine Art x Music 2.01

In this 1920×1080 HD version of original 1080×1080 ‘Machine Music x Art 2.01’ live-stream ; and 2 years since their last lock-down remote live-stream event; and post Xavier Morel’s master class set at My Aeon the previous weekend; Xavier and Adem Jaffers (aka VJ Mandala) took this unique opportunity to once again come together for an a/v jam – this time [LiVE] from an undisclosed studio location in Melbourne.

Due to catastrophic software crash at eleventh hour, disabling midi loops to drive parts of show – the visuals were mixed manually, ol scool, using an APC Mini and Launch Pro.

On top of that, due to a series live-stream audio mastering glitchs, the remastered mix audio was restriped from the Rumble stream version, with minor gain added.

Am amazed it made it to air!

See remastered live-stream on my blog <here>.

Link to artists appear within blog ling above

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Adem Jaffers (vjMandala) Author • Edited on

Hi Bennoh, thanks for your considered comment.

Links to my artist deets and more refs are found at bottom of my post, where it says <here> . Thats my website (ademjaffers.art). In the blog post FEED there is also a link to Xavier’s soundcloud.

All the 3d loops are made using mandelbulb3d & mandelbulber. The video stuff is sampled off youtube. Some generative stuff (checker stuff).

Yes Resolume Arena 7 was used.
No post processing.
Screen bottom middle is a TouchISC custom gui used to trigger/manipulate parameters in resolume. Other two top middle and left screens is a separate laptop showing OBS for streaming- though I used VMix to stream.

I normally used Ableton to also drive Resolume clips/effects but it crashed 1hr before show and would not load :( So had to mix completely manually using midi controllers - ol scool style.

Hope thats some chewy bits to munch on for now. Next time I will post more detail. Thanks for you tip!

I will check out your plugins 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

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bennoH. • Edited on

With the very best thanks to the VJ team "Mandala"

for this Artfull workout and the sharing with us, like for their report hear at VJun.io, the links & infos to "Machine Music x Art 2.01"!

It would also be very interesting to find out in more details which software and hardware setup was used at the liveset. In the "opening credits" i can already see something about, like Resolume, which apparently formed meaby the central outputinterface. I'm assuming it was Arena, of course, but maybe Wire was involved as well. I see 4 monitors on the cover picture. I can see Resolume Arena on one. What's going on on the other and how was the signal flow organized.
Which software was used for post-production (3D animation / video post-processing and so on?). And so i ask me: which parts were created live (realtimevideo) and what was the pre-produced content? Maybe even some background information about the creation of one of the contents used or even a small tutorial.

Also additional links to the artists Xavier and Adem Jaffers (aka VJ Mandala), like their own websites, Vimeo, YouTube. etc. could be added as an addition. So that we could find out more about them yourself, such as the Artist-Bio or upcoming appearances at shows & events, etc. .

In the video, two or three things are already thinkabout for me, and I wonder to what extent fragment shaders were used, with what means they were playout/output and integrated. In particular, I got the impression that a lot of work was done with particle systems, although I would be interested to know whether the real-time or poast productions were created and then how they were designed.

Incidentally, I would like to draw your attention again to my 78 free plugins for Resolume Arena (works up from 7.13.2 full or partial up from 7.7) in connection with the software used for "Machine Music x Art 2.01":


I would be very happy to see my plugins in your workout at an upcoming "Machine Music x Art".

With best regards from Switzerland/Europe by bennoH. 🐼

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bennoH. • Edited on

Yes love U Galaxyflay-ins, so cool. but be a bit bussi so i be back a bit later.

Thanks agains for U ArtWorks by bennoH.🐼🙏