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Alex Curson
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Resolume and Rekordbox Fixed My Issue!

Hey guys, awesome little post of positivity here. I'm a VJ of 13 years and a couple of years got into DJing and doing both at the same time as a VDJ set, but ran into a technical problem where Rekordbox video wouldn't send via Spout to Resolume.

I filed tickets with all of the software manufacturers and after some tests we discovered that was because Rekordbox was only compatible with DirectX 9.0 and it needed to be 11.0 for it to work. The technicians went away and did their thing and now they have implemented a patch in the new version of Resolume 7.12.1 where Resolume will now automatically trigger videos when loaded from CDJs or XDJ consoles! YAY!!!


Much love from VJ SPAZZ

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Simeon In't Veld

You mention XDJ consoles aswell. But I can only see CDJ2000NX2 work in the demonstration. Can you please ellaborate on getting XDJs to work aswell?