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We've upgraded NDI for Unreal like we did for Spout! 🙂 It now works:

  • In-Editor and at-Runtime
  • With alpha feeds (send and receive)
  • With audio
  • With DLSS
  • Can output any custom resolution
  • Can output at variable frame-rates
  • No blueprints required!

You can get a stream fully running in less than 30 seconds (see video tutorial below).

ALWAYS FREE for Community use 🤝

Early-bird downloads on the Discord (link in below) and release to the Unreal marketplace early Jan! 🙂

Download on Discord: https://discord.com/invite/VQXARA2

Video tutorials: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oPcsUfb0ac0&list=PLElT6SIg9JnAx4M7zD4-zILH5ghJzKMXQ

Documentation: http://docs.offworld.live/#/livestreaming-toolkit/README?id=ndi-sender-manager
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Version 0.108.0 for UE5 and 0.75.57 for UE 4.27 have now been released with some major new features! Download here: offworld.live/download-center

Media Output Actor:

  • This is now released to Beta.
  • We have integrated FFMPEG into Unreal which allows for a variety of media outputs including:
  • Live-streaming to RTMP/ SRT direct from Unreal Engine from any Render Target (including from Viewport via our Viewport Capture Actor). Works in-Editor and at-Runtime.
  • Live-recording to disk from any Render Target to MP4/ MOV/ AVI etc. direct from Unreal (great for live-takes during shoots/ capturing mocap etc.)
  • Documentation here: knowledge.offworld.live/unreal-eng...

DomeMaster Output

  • We have added DomeMaster projection output to the 360 Degree Camera.
  • This enables seamless Bloom on live-rendered domes for the first time, using our custom Bloom algorithm.
  • You can also output Alpha via Show Only in the 360 Camera settings.
  • Documentation here: knowledge.offworld.live/unreal-eng...

360 Resolution/ Aspect Ratio Settings:

  • We have updated the resolution settings on the 360 Camera so there is a different aspect ratio for Equirectangular (2:1), Cubemap (3:2) and DomeMaster (1:1) projections.
  • When you select your projection type from the drop-down list it will automatically adjust the aspect ratio for the resolution you have selected.