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Zunayed Sabbir Ahmed
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#FREE #DOWNLOAD NOWWW! | VJ Loops + Honest Review !

We will try out video mixing 8 FREE VJ LOOP banks, available for you! I will be using @ResolumeVJSoftware Arena to try the visuals out on behalf of you, put n honest rating and put a reference link for you to DOWNLOAD NOW!. For a faster demonstration I might be breaking rules of VJs on not hurting eyes, but I am sure you'll understand! <3



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Script, Idea- Zunayed Sabbir Ahmed

AV Production- Ahmed Sifat, Ariful Islam Bappi

Resolume tips and tricks - https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PL2gtzqq_ULF7Bz3NtJ9y7xJEh3kUfAb1H

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bennoH. • Edited on

Yes, thank you for your info, Links and tips. The V-loops look good so far and I have checked the links and they are currently active. Unfortunately, such link information is often used and is not inactive here, but as is usually the case here, such free offers are limited to 1080P.

💡I would like to add, however, that I even recommend 1080P for real-time video VJing for this times being, the jump to 4K not only costs a lot of money when it comes to hardware and current software in this area usually neither really supports 10-bit HDR nor the correspondingly necessary data rates and data throughputs , so it actually makes no real sense to work in 4K, except that you fill the $Valetets of the hardware manufacturers and cause yourself a lot of problems during live use, such as program hangs and crashes, overheated and therefore damaged GPUs, etc.
📣So use these V-Loop DL possibilities at hear quietly , if they actually work in the end, which I haven't tried yet.

But I would also like to add one more thing: VJ loops are a thing of the past, memory hogs, star and inflexible as well as format-related and therefore only lossy upscaleable.

💡🌟It depends on the software you use and I can probably say with regard to Resolume Arena that plugins and especially shader-based ones represent the real & actualy future. If programmed well, these are flexible with some to many real-time controllable options (setting options) and upscalable like vector graphics in contrast to bitmap images, and!! Where a 4K V-Loop series uses up to 12GB of disk space, a single plugin of 8MB in size can create 10-25 individual V-Loops like a series thanks to its options (inputs) flexibility. Last but not least, such options, if well programmed, can also be linked directly to the music and synchronized with precisly. Viewed this way, the advantages are simply impressive. Unfortunately, even here we advise against 4K LiveVJing if you love your GPU and Resolume can only process a certain amount of data, you have complex compositions with 5-12 or more layers each, various effects on the plugins (generators) and additional effects on the Layers are beyond the capacity of any current real-time software; grafic cards (GPUs) that can handle this have Datamass not yet been born. Of course, you can combine extremely powerful GPUs, but as mentioned, this costs a lot more money than the average VJ can afford. It's not for nothing that entire tracks with equipment roll up for major events.

🍩In addition, my point of view is that as soon as you work with LED walls it is undoubtedly pointless to process 4K internally in live video. This certainly makes sense for an Aushane matrix, but it is about completely different things. So save your money and above all protect the environment and don't buy 4K hardware equipment for the time being, a good RTX 4080/90 is something else, it can help to ensure the maximization of simultaneous tracks and effects and provide important reserves in warm environments as well as in general If U show doesn't crash in the middle of the night, the clubowner/clienty and the crowd would be happy with U and U great RTX.

So feel free to get these free V-loops, it can't hurt,
💡💡💡📣otherwise take a look at my website and check out my 78 free Resolume Arena plugins based on fragment shaders: 50 Shade's of ISF  for resolume
However, the absolute future here is Vulkan, where completely new & different, faster and more efficient shader formats and shader languages ​​will bring 4K real-time video within affordable reach & payable, when Resolume is perhaps converted/adapted to Vulkan in 1001 years🚾🅿️.