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bennoH. • Edited on

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ That's a great post, thanks a lot VDMO 👍
and a Hi5 to all video lovers, video artists and VJs, which I highly recommend SMODEcommunity as a free top tool.

It doesn't matter what you are currently using, VDMX5, Resolume or anything else, you can easily integrate SMODEcommunity via NDI or Spout or vice versa integrate it into SMODEcommunity.

For those who have a very small budget or are new to the field and therefore not likely to be involved in major events, this free version is a real blessing.

This is exactly the right attitude from the developers a community friendly! Big compliment..💯💯💯🌈

& Thanks again to VDMO for the great tip and article! 💯🌻

💥 !!!!! WARNING !!!!! 💥
Do not update to Win11 if you want to use the software, it currently only supports Win10 64bit.

Yes like the Post from "Szann" it looks it works under Win11, but i let it stay my "Warning", becus it is the actual requierment recognicen of SMODE self to use Win10.
OK i check it my self under Win11 and be back later. bennoH.

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vdmo Author

i use win 11 with Smode and it works great! wanted to put this out there :)