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Smode Community Edition - Gift to the World!

Smode Community is about to be released 28th of June 2023!


Smode Community is a free version of SMODE with no ads, no user data tracking, and no obligations of any kind, which is fully usable without watermarks up to the Full HD resolution (1920x1080). Although this is a non-commercial software license, it's designed to give everyone access to our state-of-the-art tools, allowing you to explore and create without limitations. We believe that art matters, and we're committed to making sure that everyone has the tools they need to express their creativity.

smode community


  • Full HD input, Full HD output, Full HD content, and Full HD video export.

  • Comprehensive real-time 2D/3D compositing features.

  • Extensive real-time 2D/3D video mapping and stage simulation features.

  • Complete set of linear & non-linear animation features.

  • Support for ISF and ShaderToy shaders, Python scripting, MIDI, OSC, and Spout, among others.

  • No watermarks, no user tracking, no advertisements, and no hidden cloud connections: Your creativity, your rules.

Keep an Eye on the Announcement on 28th June 2023 at:


Learn about Smode at Smode Academy

📣 Big Announcement! 🎉

Super stoked to let you know that the free version of SMODE is out, opening up a world of visual art possibilities for everyone! It's got us all hyped up!
This powerful visual art software is designed to ignite your creativity and inspire your artistic journey!

"Smode Community" is a free version of Smode with no ads, no user data tracking, and no obligations of any kind, which is fully usable without watermarks up to the Full HD resolution (1920x1080).
Although this is a non-commercial software license, it's designed to give everyone access to our state-of-the-art tools, allowing you to explore and create in real time. We believe that art matters, and we're committed to making sure that everyone has the tools they need to express their creativity.

What can you expect from “Smode Community”?

✨ The most advanced real-time compositing engine on the market
✨ Intuitive and user-friendly layer-based interface
✨ A wide range of visual effects and tools
✨ Integration with popular design software
✨ An ever-expanding community of talented artists and creators

Whether you're a novice or an experienced artist, #SmodeCommunity gives you the power to transform your visions into reality.
From stunning motion graphics to mesmerizing visual projections, the possibilities are endless.
“Smode Community” is now available on our website for download at


Together, let's create a visual art revolution! 🎨💫

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Discussion (13)

szann profile image

Dove in head first and I can't believe I only discovered this sw just now after all the years motion designing. This really shows how a dedicated team can be so much more awesome than a goliath like Adobe. I know this is a VJ forum but it will probably replace 90% of my afx work. It is a bit weird that a tool like this is being hidden in a media server package. This needs a much much wider audience, not only live people.

Drawbacks looking from a motion graphics perspective? Seems not to support higher bitrates because HAP is only 8 bit I think. Image sequences need transcoding (but insanely fast). Timeline is a bit weird at first glance but makes sense really fast. All of which I can live with most of the time.

Btw, running win11 here and I did not encounter any problems.

vdmo profile image
vdmo Author

glad to hear you have discovered this!
as for vj community.. i believe the mind set that vjs bring to the table can transfer to many other things and toigether we can all learn from each other in so many creative disciplined. Good to have you onboard! :)

bennoh profile image
bennoH. • Edited on

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ That's a great post, thanks a lot VDMO 👍
and a Hi5 to all video lovers, video artists and VJs, which I highly recommend SMODEcommunity as a free top tool.

It doesn't matter what you are currently using, VDMX5, Resolume or anything else, you can easily integrate SMODEcommunity via NDI or Spout or vice versa integrate it into SMODEcommunity.

For those who have a very small budget or are new to the field and therefore not likely to be involved in major events, this free version is a real blessing.

This is exactly the right attitude from the developers a community friendly! Big compliment..💯💯💯🌈

& Thanks again to VDMO for the great tip and article! 💯🌻

💥 !!!!! WARNING !!!!! 💥
Do not update to Win11 if you want to use the software, it currently only supports Win10 64bit.

Yes like the Post from "Szann" it looks it works under Win11, but i let it stay my "Warning", becus it is the actual requierment recognicen of SMODE self to use Win10.
OK i check it my self under Win11 and be back later. bennoH.

vdmo profile image
vdmo Author

i use win 11 with Smode and it works great! wanted to put this out there :)

bennoh profile image

To "szann - sander" and all other motion designers or video editors etc.: Yes, this VJ programs are designed to work with up to 12-20 layers in real time and to process 3-8 effects on each layer in real time up. That is why the Video Codexes is geared towards it and generally only supports 8-bit and is designed for a few specific video formats (codexes).

Stock Vulkan and GPU developments over the next 2-3 years will increase this bottleneck to 10bit and 4K, but formats in motion- and videoedit-apps will also increase, so the situation will remain somewhat similar.

Many app manufacturers in the VJ and video artistic environment also claim that 4K is currently supported, which doesn't really work in the reality of a dedicated VJ. Basically, this program does not support 10-bit streams and can therefore not display the HDRI color space at all, since the maximum data rate of the video formats used is far too low to actually create UltraHD 4K.

It's a sham from Resolume like VIDVOX and their supposed 4K doesn't bear very much on the normalized international standards of 4K in general. Notch is an exception, but it is also much more expensive in terms of price and then, as with SMODE, you definitely have to upgrade with additional company-owned hardware in order to get close to a standardized 4K in a great realtimeshow. However, this quickly becomes unaffordable and is certainly not intended for normal artists, but for TV stations or large companies in the event sector.

That's why I don't even have a 4K discussion at the moment and for the time being.
I come from a time when SD was in 4:3 and only B/W was great and so a 1080p 16:9 is already a real dream and ultimate experience for me and I'm more than satisfied with it.

I always recommend that in the area "forget 4K!!", wait until the apps have been consistently recoded to Vulkan and 3-4 generations of new graphics cards have gone through, then 4K will be possible in the real-time video area at a reasonable and realistic price.

And please, please, please also consider that this is also a question of resource consumption and ecology, my new OMEN desktop with a 4090 RTX consumes 1.2kW its little sister with a 3080 RTX but 750W and this is often far enough for smaller shows, but you have to limit yourself to 1080p.

Replacing the devices again and again and very quickly in order to always have the latest featchers is to a big ecological problem in the end.

And last but not least, in the VJ and event sector, you unfortunately all too often have to take into account that people at such locations consume so many stimulants that they can hardly see in front of their own noses, and 1080p in 16:9 is already the ultimate luxury in this viewpoint.

Well, that's my opinion and I asked Resolume to integrate a sequencer so that you can post-edit based on timelines or prepare shows extremely precisely, but that they can't, "good idea but far too mutch work!" was the feedback.

So I praise SMODE and its community-friendly and very up-to-date feature range all the higher.

Yes, SMODE is awesome and I definitely recommend every VJ and video artist to swing to it immediately.

bennoH. Sat 2023-07-22 in love with the community and ouer beloved planet

graham_t profile image
Graham Thorne

SMODE is amazing - one to 100% download and explore.

vdmo profile image
vdmo Author

@graham_t absolutely~! exciting to see what community will come up with this. Now we need to educate them by showcasing what's possible with tutorials and in practice. exciting times ahead ;)

graham_t profile image
Graham Thorne

I already show my students SMODE, but now I can install it on all of our machines and students can install it at home too on their machines. This will be amazing!

Thread Thread
vdmo profile image
vdmo Author

this is very exciting.. - please invite them to show they best creations!

bennoh profile image
bennoH. • Edited on

Hi5🙋 at all hu use "SmodeCommunity"

After i starting the program for the first time, I messed around in the engine and lost the main output. It was only black, even a normal deinstallation followed by a new installation did not help.

Here's the solution in case you're having problems like this:

I was then able to solve my SmodeCommunity problem (BlackScreen on Output) by means of a complete uninstallation via a unistallApp and subsequent reinstallation.

💡You have to use a deinstallation program with the option of cleaning the WinRegistry💥, etc.👾, otherwise it won't work.

I used the free HiBitt uninstaller and can recommend it: hibitsoft.ir/

Greetings bennoH. 🐼

alambyc profile image

if only they'd offer a linux version...

vdmo profile image
vdmo Author

then you can use unreal or unity ;) go go go.. i look forward to see you post what you make !

videojockeymemes profile image
VJ Memes

SMODE to joy.