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Dove in head first and I can't believe I only discovered this sw just now after all the years motion designing. This really shows how a dedicated team can be so much more awesome than a goliath like Adobe. I know this is a VJ forum but it will probably replace 90% of my afx work. It is a bit weird that a tool like this is being hidden in a media server package. This needs a much much wider audience, not only live people.

Drawbacks looking from a motion graphics perspective? Seems not to support higher bitrates because HAP is only 8 bit I think. Image sequences need transcoding (but insanely fast). Timeline is a bit weird at first glance but makes sense really fast. All of which I can live with most of the time.

Btw, running win11 here and I did not encounter any problems.

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glad to hear you have discovered this!
as for vj community.. i believe the mind set that vjs bring to the table can transfer to many other things and toigether we can all learn from each other in so many creative disciplined. Good to have you onboard! :)