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To "szann - sander" and all other motion designers or video editors etc.: Yes, this VJ programs are designed to work with up to 12-20 layers in real time and to process 3-8 effects on each layer in real time up. That is why the Video Codexes is geared towards it and generally only supports 8-bit and is designed for a few specific video formats (codexes).

Stock Vulkan and GPU developments over the next 2-3 years will increase this bottleneck to 10bit and 4K, but formats in motion- and videoedit-apps will also increase, so the situation will remain somewhat similar.

Many app manufacturers in the VJ and video artistic environment also claim that 4K is currently supported, which doesn't really work in the reality of a dedicated VJ. Basically, this program does not support 10-bit streams and can therefore not display the HDRI color space at all, since the maximum data rate of the video formats used is far too low to actually create UltraHD 4K.

It's a sham from Resolume like VIDVOX and their supposed 4K doesn't bear very much on the normalized international standards of 4K in general. Notch is an exception, but it is also much more expensive in terms of price and then, as with SMODE, you definitely have to upgrade with additional company-owned hardware in order to get close to a standardized 4K in a great realtimeshow. However, this quickly becomes unaffordable and is certainly not intended for normal artists, but for TV stations or large companies in the event sector.

That's why I don't even have a 4K discussion at the moment and for the time being.
I come from a time when SD was in 4:3 and only B/W was great and so a 1080p 16:9 is already a real dream and ultimate experience for me and I'm more than satisfied with it.

I always recommend that in the area "forget 4K!!", wait until the apps have been consistently recoded to Vulkan and 3-4 generations of new graphics cards have gone through, then 4K will be possible in the real-time video area at a reasonable and realistic price.

And please, please, please also consider that this is also a question of resource consumption and ecology, my new OMEN desktop with a 4090 RTX consumes 1.2kW its little sister with a 3080 RTX but 750W and this is often far enough for smaller shows, but you have to limit yourself to 1080p.

Replacing the devices again and again and very quickly in order to always have the latest featchers is to a big ecological problem in the end.

And last but not least, in the VJ and event sector, you unfortunately all too often have to take into account that people at such locations consume so many stimulants that they can hardly see in front of their own noses, and 1080p in 16:9 is already the ultimate luxury in this viewpoint.

Well, that's my opinion and I asked Resolume to integrate a sequencer so that you can post-edit based on timelines or prepare shows extremely precisely, but that they can't, "good idea but far too mutch work!" was the feedback.

So I praise SMODE and its community-friendly and very up-to-date feature range all the higher.

Yes, SMODE is awesome and I definitely recommend every VJ and video artist to swing to it immediately.

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