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Dave W
Dave W

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GoVJ 3.0 πŸš€

GoVJ - Run the visuals for your show

GoVJ version 3.0 is now available in the App Store for iPhone and iPad.

This adds:

  • Camera input (including via USB on iPad)
  • NDI input/output
  • Themes to select a UI style to match your own vibes
  • Refreshed UI and updated video pipeline under the hood

It's been a few months in the building, and I'm really excited to hear back from folks using it!

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bennoH. • Edited on

No Apple things vor clever & creativ like idealistic peaple hu loves that Earth & humanity handlings.

Apple is cheating citizens of countries all over the world with tax tricks to get them to pay their fair share of government revenue so that they can earn a lot of money there. And when you look at it that way, all Apple products cost the buyer a lot more than what is stated on the receipt. The worst thing about it is that everyone else in the affected countries who don't buy Apple devices also pay that price. Everyone against "Delaware"!!!


The scandals surrounding working conditions in Apple production factorys are also well known.

You like to be better than others, and this you like to reflect in your iPhones which you discreetly show off here and there. You are very unintelligent people & are not community conform. Just compare your iPhones for once a time with, for example, Xiaomi devices like the Ultra14 or Samsung's S24 etc. in terms of technical values ​​and prices.

More security at Apple was yesterday. Unfortunately, we all are being spied on, tracked on and monitored day by day as is the case with all providers/brands in mobilphones. We all carry the ideal thing for that means of doing this around in our pockets every day. Just think about it, please!

But you should also remember that once you have committed to Apple, you can only get out of it with a lot of loss in terms of time and investment. Apple is the perfectly organized and most expensive digital prison.
&& anoter time: Just think about it, for 5 minuts please!

I was for a long-time (15years) a Apple user in the PowerMac area woh received his FinalCutStudio package in return for work for Apple Switzerland and who knows so this company and its tricks very well.
But I bennoH. left these rip-offs behind me over 13 years ago now and have never regretted it.

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@davew @vjbridd congrats !!