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Isadora - IzzyCast


IzzyCast enables the sharing of multiple streams of video, audio, and data between computers running Isadora located anywhere in the world. By combining IzzyCast with Isadora‘s ultra-flexible architecture, users are able to transmit, receive, route, mix, and control live media sources in ways limited only to the user‘s imagination.
Using IzzyCast, Isadora users can jump into the world of remote performances without any of the complications associated with traditional networking and broadcast setups.

IzzyCast allows for unmatched control and creativity. The audio, video, and data from each participant in an IzzyCast Session can be integrated directly into the Isadora’s node-based programming environment.

Applications for IzzyCast abound! Now actors and dancers in remote locations can join live performers onstage with ease! For broadcast and live events, IzzyCast‘s data transmission capabilities let producers, directors, and technicians make adjustments to their talent’s setup remotely by controlling hardware like PTZ cameras and DMX lighting instruments. IzzyCast truly opens up an audio, visual, and control portal between locations across the globe.
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that's very exciting!

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Graham Thorne Author

Yeah - pretty cool. Been in development for quite a while (2022) I think.