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FREE DOWNLOAD: Comic Book Artist with Our Resolume Effect!

We're excited to share a FREE Resolume effect with you all today that will turn your VJ sets into comic book masterpieces!

Introducing FREE COMIC FX for Resolume!

This powerful effect lets you transform any input signal into a comic book-style animation in real time. Add a whole new dimension to your video library and create eye-catching visuals that will keep all the venue captivated.

With FREE COMIC FX, you can:

Choose from 3 different edge detection algorithms

Adjust the line strength for precise control over your style

Modify the comic factor to create a variety of looks

Whether you're an experienced VJ or just getting started, FREE COMIC FX is a must-have tool for adding a unique and creative touch to your visuals.

We hope you enjoy this FREE effect and we can't wait to see what you create with it!


Thanks for your support!

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That all looks very good!

Actually free, quick and easy to download!

A bit old style but I like that & it. πŸ’—πŸ˜œ

Defeat for ResolumeB.V.! Because this effect has been part of the standard fx-palet in every standard graphics and design or in the video area of ​​every motion design, editing or FX program for 15 years.

You did it fabulously and published it very generously. πŸ™ Many thanks! bennoH.🐼