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Warp speed back to the golden age of VJs with my homemade video synth!

Yo everyone! Feeling nostalgic for some time-traveling thrills?

I've always been obsessed with video synthesizers, those wild contraptions that only a handful of tech wizards could afford. Let's be real, their crazy prices were pure fantasy. Until now! After months of grinding and learning, I built my own analog beast inspired by those legendary, modded-out Soviet gadgets from the golden age of VJ.

Here's what this trip down the memory lane gets you:

- Homemade Synth with Soviet Soul: It's a love letter to the unpredictable spirit of Russian hardware, packed with knobs and dials to twist the video signal into whatever trippy visuals you crave.
- Music-Fueled Eye Candy: Sync it up with your sets and prepare to blow minds!
- Mind-Melting Distortions: Take your visuals on a psychedelic trip with one-of-a-kind effects.
- Works Like a Charm: No matter the video quality, frame rate, or color depth, RGB Synth 2 just works. Forget the limitations of those old-school gizmos!

Ditch the boring plugins! RGB Synth 2 is:

- More Than Just a Copycat: This ain't your average imitation. Get ready for a unique experience brimming with personality and unexpected surprises.
- Chaos at Your Fingertips: Master a ton of controls to cook up wild visuals.
- Unleash Your Creativity: Breathe life into your creations with BPM or audio manipulation, or take full control with your keyboard or MIDI controller.

The Weird and Wonderful:

- One-of-a-Kind Creations: Swirly textures, mind-bending glitches, and otherworldly bits are waiting to transform your digital art.
- Endless Exploration: From VJ sets and music videos to pushing the boundaries of image design, RGB Synth 2 is your portal to a universe of sonic and visual adventures.

Special Gift for Our VJ Union Fam!

To celebrate this blast from the past, I'm giving away a free copy of the synthesizer to one lucky winner AND offering a sweet 30% discount just for being part of this awesome crew.

Just one thing: respect the hard work behind the creation. We're all artists here, trying to make a living doing what we love.

Heads Up: You'll need Resolume 7.19.0 to use it.

Ready to Melt Your Face?

Free Code: F-RGBvjing
30% Discount Code: RGBvjing
Download Link: https://nonvisualcult.gumroad.com/l/rgb-synth

Don't miss out!

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